The North Strabane Township Police Department was created in 1969 and consisted of a part-time unit that serviced the Township. Since that time, the department has expanded to meet the needs of a fast-growing community with 24/7 police service.

Tips of criminal activity can be submitted to North Strabane Police at:  tips@nstpd.com


The Department consists of (27) full-time officers and (1) police secretary. The Department is comprised of the following:

  • Public Safety Directorpolice pink car
  • Captain                                     
  • Lieutenant 
  • Sergeant (4)
  • Officers (19)
  • Investigator (2)
  • School Resource Officer (4)    
  • Police Secretary


The Department’s primary mission is to solve and deter crime. Our community policing philosophy is dedicated to accomplishing this mission by creating and maintaining a partnership with our residents, businesses, and stakeholders. In addition to crime prevention, the Department also focuses on traffic enforcement in order to reduce serious traffic accidents on the roads throughout the Township.


The officers of the North Strabane Township Police Department are trained in a wide variety of law enforcement services. In addition, the Department has members on the Washington County Regional SWAT team, which provides county-wide specialized law enforcement response to critical incidents and situations.

Animal Control

For concerns related to aggressive or lost animals, contact the Animal Control officer at 724-503-4417.

On Street Parking

The Township has an ordinance that states: "No on Street Parking"

An exception can be made with prior approval from the Police Department 724-746-8474. Please ask to speak with our Police Secretary (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).