Recycling Annual Business Recycling Report Form


 Recycling and Trash Services

The Township has their contact with Waste Management (1-800-866-4460).  Contract price is $52.32 per quarter for both services.  Residents of Glencannon have their contract with Republic Services.  Meadowbrook, Meadowbrook Heights, Meadowlake, Carriage Brook, Victoria Court, Heathrow Court, and Waterford Villas pay for their services thur their Homeowners Association.  Those Homeowners Association's can contract with a hauler of their choosing. 

All trash should be placed at curbside the night before to ensure uninterrupted service.  Make sure trash is visible and within three feet of the curb.  Service times may vary depending on operational issues, weather, etc.

  • To avoid spillage of water-base paint, use cat liter or sawdust to dry the paint and place at the curb with the lid removed.
  • Tree trimmings and brush clippings must be secured in manageable bundles with lengths no greater than 3 feet and branch diameters no larger than 3 inches, weighing less than 33 pounds.
  • Carpet must be cut in 4' x 4' sections, rolled up and secured at both ends.  Each section must weigh less than 33 pounds.
  • Do not use any container marked with hazardous waste or recycling containers for your trash.
  • All trash must be bagged.  No trash can be accepted loose in bins or cans
  • Recycling material must be placed in container clearly marked as "Recycling".
  • Do not place anything at or near the curb that is not to be disposed of.


The following items are not allowed in waste containers:


Asbestos  Batteries
Florescent Tubes  Construction Debris
Electronics  Flammables
Chemical Products  Hazardous waste
 Automobile Parts  Concrete or Rocks
 Liquids  Medical Waste
 55 Gallon Drums  Radioactive Materials
 Lead Base Paint  Any Type of Oil
 Tires  Items Containing Freon
 Yard Waste  Dirt
 Cast Iron items  Leaves


Residential Recycling Bins

All residents are required to recycle.   As a new resident please contact Waste Management to get your 64 gallon recycling container delivered to your residence.  All residence that belong to a Homeowner Association, please pick up your 30 gallon recycling container from the Township office. Recycling bins are the property of North Strabane Township and should be returned to the Township when moving away.

Recyclables accepted for pickup will include bi-metallic and aluminum cans, clear and colored glass, and plastic containers (1-7).

Commercial Recycling

Commercial and industrial businesses are reminded that participation in the Township's recycling program is mandatory.  Township ordinance requires that all businesses must separate high grade office paper, aluminum, and corrugated paper (cardboard) from the waste stream and store the recyclable materials until collection.  If recyclable materials are collected by a hauler other than the Township's authorized agent, businesses must submit an annual report to the Township disclosing the type and weight of materials recycled during the previous year.

The Township is required by the Department of Environmental Protection to report annually the types and amounts of materials recycled by both residential and commercial sources.  The Department requires all municipalities that receive recycling performance grants implement an enforcement program to monitor participation, issue warnings, and assess fines and penalties when necessary.

Senior Citizens

All residents who are 62 years of age or older are eligible to receive a 10% discount.  A copy of a birth certificate or valid driver's license is required to verify proof of age.  Please contact the office for any further questions 724-745-8880.

Washington County Recycling Facilities

The Washington County Planning Commission, located at 100 West Beau Street, Washington, PA  15301, has a very good informational booklet regarding recycling facilities and what services each provides.  There is information regarding:  freon refrigerant removers, motor oil recycling, car parts, metals, household products/industrial, glass, plastics and composting, just to name a few.  If you would like to have more information regarding these recyclables please call 724-228-6811.