Building/Code Enforcement


Doug Trbovich

Building Inspector




Don Hindman Jr.

Building Inspector




Mark Whalen

Code Enforcement Officer




The North Strabane Township Code Enforcement Office is responsible for the administration and enforcement of all ordinances relative to site preparation, building construction, alteration, demolition, repair, use and occupancy of buildings, structures and building service equipment within North Strabane Township.


The Code Enforcement office employs two state certified building inspectors and a part-time code enforcement officer.  The code enforcement officer is primarily responsible for the administration and enforcement of the property maintenance code.  The code is intended to provide requirements addressing the public health, safety and welfare as they relate to the use and maintenance of existing structures and premises.  The code requires existing structures and premises that are not in compliance with the code to be repaired or altered to meet minimum acceptable standards.  Provisions of the code apply to all existing residential and non-residential structures and all existing properties including:  interior and exterior property areas, sanitation, weeds, rodent harborage, rubbish and garbage, pest elimination, junk vehicles, and unsafe conditions.


The building inspectors are charged with the administration and enforcement of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.  Those duties include the receipt, review and issuance of permits relative to new construction, additions, alterations, repairs,removals and demolitions.  In addition. the inspectors are responsible for the administration of plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas, fire and electrical codes.


Building permits are required to construct, enlarge or demolish a building, change the use/occupancy of a building or structure, or to install or alter any plumbing, electrical or mechanical systems or equipment.  The following require permits:

  • new construction
  • repairs and remodeling structural alterations
  • sheds
  • addition/alterations of electrical/plumbing systems
  • repair of sewage lateral
  • sidewalks/driveways in public right-of-way
  • chimneys
  • mobile homes
  • decks/porches
  • accessory structures
  • garages
  • swimming pools
  • wood/coal stoves enclosed patio

A building permit application must be completed that includes:  a set of construction drawings with a Pennsylvania architectural or engineering seal (when required) showing the floor plans, structural components, floor and roof spans and materials list; a plot plan (survey) showing the location of the proposed work to ensure zoning compliance; deed, worker's compensation, and a sewage or on-lot septic permit (when required).  Once a completed application is submitted, review and permit issuance for residential construction takes seven to ten days.  Commercial construction reviews will take more time due to content of materials and a required disability and accessibility review.  All required inspections will be listed on the building permit placard when issued.  Inspections must be scheduled 24 hours in advance on a first come, first served basis.  No work shall commence until a permit has been issued.


Questions can be directed to the Building/Code Enforcement Department  at 724-745-8880.  Applications can be obtained at the office or printed from Permit / Applications.